Running time is 35 minutes or longer on each video
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Substitute Trainer "Takeover"

The video begins with a pushy stock broker/executive on his cell phone order various lackies around. His personal trainer phones in to inform him that she will be unavailable for their usual session, but she is sending in a fully qualified substitute in her place.

Santana arrives on at his home and he immeadiately takes an attitude with her. BIG mistake!!! Santana begins th "work out" session by grabbing his head and throwing him soundly to the mat over her shoulder. From there the slaughter commences. If you like to watch a very shapely pair of legs scissoring a large opponents body and head then this is a video that is certain to please you. Santana also employs a wide variety of the other weapons in her personal arsenal including judo thows, boston crabs, sleeper holds and  extensive trampling. She know all about his financial holdings and by then end of the session he is begging for mercy and only too happy to sign everything he owns over to his tormentress in exchange for her mercy.

Wrestling Mat Mix Up

Santana has ordered new wrestling mats for her training studio. She walks in as the delivery man is laying the new mats down. She notices immeadiately that her order has been fouled up and instead of the 2" thick mats that she ordered, this clown has delivered 1" thick mats. He asks "What's the difference?" Big mistake! Santana offers to show him the difference. She leaves and returns in a bikini ready to demonstrate the difference to him. She lifts him across her shoulders and parades around the room with him before slamming his body down hard on the 1" thick mats. He insists that the mats are not too thin and the debate gets physical and an all out wretsling match begins. He is body scissored, body slammed, head scissored, flipped, trampled and face sat and smothered. He takes a brutal beating at her hands and is finally persuaded to see things her way. Not content with is complete submission, Santana opts to put the finishing touches on her work as she smothers him unconscious, binds his hands to his feet with rope and sits triumphantly on his beaten body.

Bikini Frog in his Throat

Santana stops by her bikini designers' place to pick up her new outfits as she is on her way to a photo shoot. She tries on two of the new bikinis and they look stunning on her. However there is a problem with the third bikini. Her tailor has taken "artistic liberties" and stitched patterns of little frogs over each breast area and the crotch of the outfit. Santana is outraged and she proceeds to make her overly artistic desinger pay the price for his imcompetence. She unleashes every wrestling hold in the book on him. She uses her high heels oon his groin and then tramples him in them. Once he is completely subdued she proceeds to smother him with her ample breasts and finally she sits all over his face smothering the "artistic" nature out of him. In the end she removes the frog infested bikini, stuffs it down his throat and sits totally nude on his face looking extremely beautiful, dominant and triumphant. You will not see a video clip of the grand finale so order this video today! A must see video for all fans of Santana, mixed wrestling, trampling and face sitting.

(40 minutes... lots of topless and face sitting action)


Painful Breakup Santana vs Steve

We first see Candy and "the Wimp" talking about meeting while on a business trip and discussing who will tell Santana that they shared some close moments.  Candy drops the bomb and tells "the Wimp" she has called Santana to show up.  There is a knock at the door and Santana enters wearing a sweet shirt and demanding to know what is going on.  Candy quickly tells "the wimp" to explain and leaves him to answer Santana.

Santana is not satisfied with any of the rambling answers from "the Wimp"  and proceeds to tear him a part.  Santana quickly loses the sweet shirt, exposing the best bod on the mat, wearing only a small white bikini and soon loses her top.  Santana starts destroying "the Wimp" with a wide range of wrestling skills that she applies with expertise.  Starting with a full nelson, she
quickly moves to apply flips, grapevines, headlocks, body and head scissors, gut stomps, breast smother, facesitting, airplane spins, boston crab, and backbreaker.  "The Wimp" is so beat up, that he has no strength left to resist.  Santana looks down at the loser with no pity and tells him, "let" her have you, I don't want you."  Santana does it again!!


Santana vs Candy

This video opens with Santana posing showing her gym tight frame in a small pink bikini.  She welcomes all her fans to video number one in response to all the requests that she has received Santana introduces her opponent, Candy, who is also a very experienced wrestler.  Candy is about the same height, blond, and is in a blue bikini. Candy responds by saying she is here for only one reason and that is to "wipe the mat with Santana."  With that said, Santana jumps Candy and the match is on.  Both wrestlers soon lose their bikini tops and Santana is reduced to only a pink G-string bikini bottom that shows off the best body on the wrestling mat today.

Both wrestlers display they're knowledge of many wrestling holds including head and body scissors, flips, headlocks, grapevines, boston crab, modified camel clutch, school boy press, and facesitting.

To take the first round, Santana applies a figure four headscissors that makes Candy's eyes almost pop out.  Candy comes back with a body scissors combination headlock to even the match.  In the third and final round, Santana wears Candy down with a grapevine that show her muscular legs and then she moves up to take Candy out with a facesit.  Santana then stands on the completely exhausted Candy in a victory pose, flexing her muscles.  This tape is a must for Santana fans!.