AFDSE-1 Dance of The Sword
Mistress Tsukika
The video opens with Mistress Tsukika wielding her sharp, shiny samurai sword.  She moves to a stool and instructs her masked slave as she smokes her cigarette.  This dominatrix enjoys her prisoner as she scrapes him with her long finger nails and shackles his legs and arms behind his back.  She lights candles and places them in his mouth and in each shackled hand, lighting another cigarette from the candle in his mouth!   She singes him with her cigarette and forces him to let the candle wax drip all over his skin.  Eventually she removes the shackles and suspends him from a St. Andrew's Cross with the most awesome, elaborate Japanese rope bondage, and proceeds to torture him with more candle wax.  Mistress Tsukika then chains him to the wall and flogs him, bites his nipple and grabs her sword threatening him with the tip of it in his mouth.  Suddenly, she sticks the sword into the wall above his head and then between his legs!  She unchains him, mounts him and strokes his ass with her sword.  She then rides him with the sword against his neck!  He's kicked repeatedly, stepped on and instructed to massage her feet and legs.  When she tires of that, she kicks him in the balls and uses her legs to choke him before pushing him down and sitting on his face in both  reverse and forward smothers!!!  Mistress Tsukika is quite skilled at continuously using her shoes as weapons.   If you've ever fantasized about an Asian, sword yielding, dominatrix, then this ones for you! 

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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