If you are like me you have spent many frustrated hours surfing the web looking for pictures of beautiful dominant asian women. I suspect you found the same thing I did. Tons upon tons of pictures of cute little asian girls all tied up in ropes. If that is what you are looking for you have come to exactly the wrong place. You will not find the stereotypical submissive asian female portrayed anywhere here. What you will find here are videos and photos that portray asian women overcoming their submissive sexual stereotype and taking the dominant role. All of them seem to enjoy it immensely. I have included a stories page which contains material written by visitors to the site as well as stories that I found in the public domain on the internet. Additionally, I have included a links page to help promote women and companies who are involved to some extent in the elimination of the stereotype of the submissive asian female. If you know of any other good links that I have missed please tell me about them. I will not be too inclined to add any other pay sites unless there is a generous amount of free photographs offered there. Also feel free to drop me a line with any ideas you may have for improving the site.