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All videos are in Japanese. They are NOT dubbed or subtitled.
Running time is between 40 to 60 minutes.

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AFDME-010 Mistress Keioko
AFDME-009  Mistress Biyuu Mari
AFDME-008 Mistress Mizuki Marino
AFDME-007 Mistress Kasuga
AFDME-006 Mistress Tsubaki
AFDME-005 Mistress Eva
AFDME-004 Mistress Aoi
AFDME-003 Mistress Reika Ichijyou
AFDME-002 Mistress Saejima Nao
AFDMD-020 Mistress Misa
AFDMD-019 Mistress Asami
AFDMD-018 Mistress Moe Kamitani
AFDMD-017 Mistress Megumi
AFDMD-016 Mistress Mika
AFDMD-014 Mistress Seiko
AFDMD-013 Mistress Kaho
AFDMD-012 Mistress Aoi
AFDMD-011 Mistress Seiko
AFDMD-010 Mistress Riko
AFDMD-009 Mistress Satomi
AFDMD-008 Mistress Chiako
AFDMD-007 Mistress Rei
AFDMD-005 Mistress Kujyou Miuki
AFDMD-004 Mistress Maisaka
AFDMD-003 Uchiyama Sachika
AFDMD-002 Mistress Misato
AFDMD-001 Mistress Tsugumi
AFDMC-019 Mistress Tamaki
AFDMC-018 Mistress Natsu
AFDMC-017 Mistress Saki
AFDMC-016 Mistress Itsuki
AFDMC-015 Mistress Seika
AFDBTC-014 Mistress Kanna
AFDBTC-013 Mistress Asuka Aoi
AFDBTC-011 Mistress Anna Fujisak
AFDBTC-012 Mistress Shizuka Mizuno
AFDBTC-009 Mistress Yumi
AFDBTC-010 Mistress Shizuku Tsukino
AFDBTC-008 Mistress Rami
AFDBTC-007 Mistress Sari
AFDBTC-005 Mistress Kumiko
AFDBTC-006 Mistress Kaguya
AFDMB-019 Mistress Eriko
AFDMB-018 Mistress Fayun
AFDBTC-002 Mistress Aki
AFDBTC-004 Mistress Yuzuki
AFDBTC-003 Mistress Suuya
AFDBTC-001 Mistress Mirai
AFDMB-017 Mistress Nao
AFDMB-016 Mistress Hekiru
AFDMB-015 Mistresses Kitomi, Sayuii, & Tomoka
AFDMB-014 Mistress Kiryu Miyabi
AFDMB-012 Mistress Maya
AFDMB-013 Mistress Saito Akane
AFDMB-008 Mistress Saki
AFDMB-007 Mistress Natumi
AFDMB-006 Mistress Nancy
AFDMX-022 Asian Mistresses
AFDMB-001 Mistress Amumiya Saki
AFDMH-008 Mistress Hana Mai
AFDMB-002  Mistress Ryuka
AFDMH-013  Mistresses Hitomi & Yuuki
AFDMH-007  Mistress In Red
AFDMB-004  School Girl  Mistress
AFDMX-021  Asian Mistresses Compilation Video
AFDMX-023  Asian Mistresses Compilation Video
AFDMX-024  Asian Mistresses Vol. # 24 
AFDMX-006  Asian Mistresses Vol. # 6
AFDMH-151  Mistress Coco
AFDMH-006 Mistress  Soh
AFDMH-004  Mistress Reika
AFDMH-003 Mistress Anri
AFDMH-002  Mistress Rica
AFDMH-001  Mistress Rei
AFDMH-154  Mistress Mika 
AFDMH-144  Mistress Saori
AFDMH-142  Mistress Rumi
AFDMH-115 Mistress Sayuri
AFDSE-1 Dance of the Sword  - Mistress Tsukika
AFDQS-14 The Obedient Slave  - Mistress Mariko Kishi
AFDQ-17 S/M Madness  - Mistress Reiko
AFDQ-16 Face Sitting  - Mistress Mimi
AFDQ-14 The Playroom  - Mistress Tamahime 
AFDQ-13 Cruelty Angel  - Mistress Cat
AFDQ-12 Musical Mistress  - Mistress Aska
AFDQ-08 The Insult - Mistress Kirino
AFDQ-07 Two Mistresses Training
AFDQ-06 Beautiful Predator - Mistress Sakiya 
AFDQ-05 Candles of Hell - Mistress Saki 
AFDQ-04 Mistress Saint - Mistress Saki
AFDQ-03 Sex System Labratory - Mistress Mika
AFDQ-02 Ass Breaking Mistress - Mistress Hitomi
AFDQ-01 Cross Dresser Training - Mistress Hitomi
AFDMC-01 Club Maso Play - Rui
AFDMC-02 Club Maso Play - Mistress Kyoko
AFDQS-05 Sacrifice to a Beautiful Devil
AFDQS-11 Spell Penis Slave
AFDQS-12 A Beautiful Beast
AFDMC-03 Club Maso Play - Namie
AFDMC-07 Club Maso Play - Rika
AFDQS-08 Lowd Hole Pleasure Mischief
AFDQS-10 Castigation of a Beauty Beast 
AFDSE-2 Fairy Leg